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Raduan Man Post-Contemporary Woodcut: Lines of Labour

Additional Information

raduan man.jpg

*Courtesy of G13 gallery



The exhibition celebrates the evolution of Raduan’s artistic practice in woodcut technique on canvas that has been developed for over two decades. In honour of the humble medium, he has embraced the process by creating complex and sophisticated woodcut paintings illustrating domestic interiors inspired by a period of isolation during the pandemic.

“In this series, my aim is to elevate the status of woodcut by eliminating the concept of editions and to create unique major artworks in the form of woodcut print and oil on canvas”, said Raduan. The result is a body of mesmerising work depicting still life objects in a domestic setting, in dazzling colours and harmonious lines that create spatial perspective and tactile quality due to the repetitive relief print method. This process demonstrates the absence of direct paintbrush marks on canvas making the artworks distinctively Raduan’s.

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