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Lee Kian Seng

LEE KIAN SENG (b. 1948, China) is one of the pioneers, a foremost multi-disciplinary contemporary artist in Malaysia. The medium of his work includes painting, sculpture, resist-dyeing, lithography, and installation.


He conducted research at the Tokyo University of Arts and Music and Tokyo Print-making Research Studio (1976-1977)”. His other principal research area since 1964 is “Comparative studies in dying art”, covering technical aspects of lithography, etching, and silkscreen.

He has held 21 one-person exhibits since 1966 and has been part of many international exhibitions since 1960 including the First Indian Triennale (1967), the 10th Sao Paulo Biennale (1969), and the World Exposition 1970 in Osaka and represented Malaysia at the Third ASEAN Square Sculpture Symposium in Indonesia in 1984.

* For more information please visit the artist website

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